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Value-for-money numbers and services

dmClub's numbers are among the most competitively priced in the market, but include as standard features other companies make you pay for. Take a look at the figures: we challenge you to find anyone offering better value for money.

In the case of 0800 (freephone) numbers, for example, dmClub wins hands down.

The 0800 Cost Comparison Challenge

  BT dmClub A cheap web co.
Signup £300 £0 £0 - £20
Annual rent £359.40 £60 £0* - £240
*But minimum usage of £5/month upwards
Call charges / minute 8.5p 2.2p - 2.0p 4.9p - 2.0p
Customer support desk 5 mins on average, via a voice-menu maze Max 4 rings, human answers. Immediate solution in 90% of cases Leave voicemail (if the cheap web company even has a support phone number). Await response
Web controls No Included free. Immediate divert. Real-time call records Chargeable extra (up to £10/redivert). Takes up to 24 hours. Itemised call surcharges
Choose your own number No Yes Not usually
Prices are quoted in £ and exclude VAT Source: DML January 2012

Standard features included for free

Many other companies charge extra for features that we include as standard.

Online call records  Included free
Web-based controls  Included free
Unlimited change of diverts  Included free
Multiple destinations for Unified Messaging  Included free
Ability to resend your own messages  Included free
Diversion ability to mobiles and overseas  Included free (except dmConnectdmConnect: Cost-effective worldwide call forwarding, by PSTN and VoIP)

Pick a special number, without a 'special price'

Easy-to-remember 'gold numbers' are naturally more expensive, but you may find a number that's unique to you or your business without a heavy premium.

For example:

  • Your number may include an alphanumeric sequence that fits your company number or industry
  • The number you pick may be almost identical to your existing number, so it's easy for people to remember.
See our choice of numbers , select a number type, and use the number-chooser to pick a number. Try out some sequences and find one that meets your needs.
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Debugging Controls

Control the display of private debugging information, as well as the transmission of data to Google for use by Google Analytics, and to our TST (total sales tracking) servers.

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