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We can help you improve the way you communicate. At dmClub we are proud to be able to provide unique solutions to the real problems that companies face, and here you can find just a few real-world examples of how people have used our services.

If you have a call-handling problem, why not contact us and let us help you too!

All these companies discovered the benefits...

ABC Home Cinemas: ABC Home Cinemas spotted a gap in the market - supplying home entertainment systems to customers, delivered direct from the manufacturer, but despite it's excellent products and prices, ABC struggled to attract business. [ Read more ]

'Nerd Networks': Our client - affectionately nicknamed 'Nerd Networks' by some of it's long-standing clients - has grown from being a spare-bedroom business to becoming one of the UK's leading router specialists. dmClub helped this company develop right from the start when two university friends started the business with few resources and only a spare bedroom as an office. [ Read more ]

As we grew we could add the services we needed...
'Nerd Networks'

Pamela Silver Real Estate: Pamela Silver is an estate agent based in Cape Town, South Africa. Having sold a holiday home to a couple from London, Pamela identified a good market for her to target, but getting UK buyers to call proved tricky. [Read more ]

Philip & Liz Harbottle: Philip and Liz Harbottle found success early on in their careersinvested in property in Spain and South Africa. The couple's international lifestyle (spending 6 months in the UK, and the remaining 6 months abroad) brought them not only pleasure, but also a number of complexities. [ Read more ]

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