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Local numbers: Make the best choice for your business

LocalUK Local number dmConnect: Cost-effective worldwide call forwarding, by PSTN and VoIP Base: price plan for light call volumes

Choose a number: Use our number-chooser to browse the Local numbers available to find the perfect match for your business. As you can see, there's a huge selection. If you need help, take a look at our helpful tips for making the best choice.

To get started choose a Local Area Code.

Special Sequence Special Sequence: Enter a number sequence here if you want the search mechanism to try to find numbers containing a certain run of digits

123     Find numbers containing 123
!4420* Find UK numbers starting with 020 (note international format)
!44161*9! Find Manchester numbers
ending in 9
!4420*JOE* Find a London number
with JOE (563) in
or   (also accepts A-Z)Most phone keypads have letters alongside the numbers. Try short words in the number chooser, e.g. TAXI matches 8294.
Gold ValueGold Value: A premium charged for particularly memorable numbers   PrefixPrefix: This number range has more than
one prefix option

Useful information
Tips on choosing the right number

To find a number, enter any special sequences you would like, then pick a price band and press 'search'. Alternatively, browse through the selection of numbers above. Click on a number to add it to your order.

Take your time looking at all the numbers on offer. Scroll through the listings. Compile a short-list. Read the numbers aloud to see how they sound. Ask a friend or colleague for their thoughts.

Choose a number that reflects your company. The most memorable numbers project the best professional image. If you want an even better number, see our gold numbers.

Think about business-related words. Most phone keypads have letters alongside the numbers. Using these is a fun way to advertise that's especially popular in the United States. For example, a photographer may want a number that spells PHOTO (contains 74686). Our number chooser can search for words, as well as digits.

Look for consecutive numbers. If you want more than one number (eg a voice number and a fax number), then buy two numbers that follow in sequence (eg the first ends with '1' the second with '2'). If this might be an option in the future, ask us to reserve the other numbers for you. Call us on 020 7060 2000.

Consider number sequences you use already: You may find a number that's very similar to your existing one. For example, If your number ends with 5243, then look for an 0870 number that ends the same way.

Try to choose a memorable number. If you want something catchy, such as number featuring repeated sequences of digits (eg Local 4545 5000) go straight to our gold numbers page.

Free & friendly advice

If you need more help choosing the best number for your business, please call us on 020 7060 2000.

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