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Gold numbers: Get the most from your advertising

Say this number aloud - 22 66 55. It sounds smooth and simple, thanks to its repeated sequence. But, more importantly, there's a good chance you'll be able to remember it in a few minutes' time.

In a similar way, our easy-to-remember Gold numbers are especially suitable for TV and radio advertising. Heard a few times, they 'stick' inside people's heads... so they don't need to rush around for a pen and paper. Gold numbers work well with online or printed adverts too. They sound more professional and make it easy for people to call.

It's no wonder that Gold numbers are highly sought-after and used by some of the world's most successful companies. But you don't need a big budget to buy one. Numbers cost as little as £25.

Get started - select your Gold number

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Use our number-chooser to browse the Gold numbers available to find the perfect match for your business. If you need assistance, see our helpful tips for making the best choice.

How to pick a number:

  • Choose a number range
  • Enter any special sequences you would like
  • Then pick a price band
  • And press 'search'.

Alternatively, browse through the selection of numbers below, using the 'paging' controls below the number chooser.

Simply click on a number to add it to your shopping trolley.

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Case study
Gold number leads to holiday sales bonanza

Our client - a company renting holiday apartments - has seen a significant increase in sales after choosing a high-profile Gold 0800 number to use in its advertising. The cost of paying for customer calls has been repaid in extra profits... more than 20 times over.

The challenge

The company needed to be more profitable. Most calls would last 20 minutes - and half would result in sales worth around £167 each. But despite good margins, the company just didn't get enough calls from adverts. They needed to increase their 800 sales per year.

The solution

Using an easy-to-remember dmConnectdmConnect: Cost-effective worldwide call forwarding, by PSTN and VoIP 0800 Gold number, the company needed only a 1% improvement in leads to justify the extra cost. In fact, the results far exceeded their expectations.

Business benefits

  • Sales increased by 15%, generating £20,040 additional profit
  • The cost of the 0800 Gold number was just £933 for first year (gold fee £100, rental £5/month and calls at £64/month)
  • Having a Gold number gave the sales team more confidence in their ad campaigns.
  • Customers no longer fretted about the cost and length of the call, making them more relaxed and likely to buy.

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