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Our network: Powerful, reliable and well connected

Our network services are based in the City of London. Our systems are highly-automated, self-monitoring and highly-reliable. Because of this, we can spend more time helping you get the most from our services - and deliver new, market-leading ways to help you to succeed.

Interconnects and carriers

Leveraging our own network capabilities and partner networks, we benefit from using six primary interconnects from a mix of Level 1 carriers and innovative companies (including BT Wholesale, BandX, Telecom 1 and Citrus), and employ technologies from Nokia, Ericsson and Telsys. Our ability to choose from alternative carriers lets us select the best quality call route and provide routing redundancy and fault tolerance.

Driven by innovation

Our track-record proves our ability to deliver ground-breaking services, and includes several 'world-firsts'.

In the noughties we used our own GenX software to get the greatest value out of industry-leading products from other top network vendors. Developed from the outset with a focus on quality and economic efficiency, GenX offers telecoms solutions that are high-performance and competitively-priced.

In 2008 GenX was augmented by GenY, offering the economics of VOIP, backed by the reliability of instant PSTN fallback. When it comes to cost efficiency, customers really notice the difference.

GenU 'Universal Switch' technology

GenU, our 'Universal Switch' introduced in 2012, offers a true hybrid of VOIP and PSTN, with flexible call routing, in one integrated package. It's the platform that powers the new generation of our products: dmConnect12, dmSwitchboard12, and their add-on services, dmCalls12 (outbound calling) and dmAnswers14 (human message taking).

Innovation timeline

Gen3 (our third generation network)
Year Development
1995 Gen3 launched, with Unified Messaging (voice and Fax) on UK Geographic numbers World First
1996 Gen3 is integrated with third party personal number systems  
1997 Personal Number (PN) system launched. Free PN's given away. World First
2001 Customers are upgraded to GenX accounts, without charge.  
2004 The last Gen3 switch is retired after nine years commercial service  
GenX (our next generation network)
Year Development
1998 New features planned. Development starts.  
1999 Development ongoing.  
2000 GenX launched, with dmVoicedmVoice: Call-forwarding to UK & international numbers. Voicemail, and 'find-me' call-hunting facilities and dmFaxdmFax: Recive faxes as email attachments.  
2001 dmCallsdmCalls: A voice-activated address book that you can use from any phone is launched - a speaker-independent voice-activated outbound dialling service. World First
2002 Web-driven ecommerce system for dealers introduced.  
2003 dmSwitchboarddmSwitchboard: A fully featured virtual switchboard launched, with XML-scripted control system. World First
2004 dmAllTalk makes its debut in the voice conferencing arena.  
dmAnswersdmAnswers: A PA-like human answering service, a human answering service, is introduced with static routing.  
2005 ProVoiceOverProVoiceOver: Have your switchboard scripts recorded by a professional voiceover artist and dmAnswersdmAnswers: A PA-like human answering service now use dynamic routing, and can use multiple call centres. World First
2006 XScriptXScript: A fully-scriptable XML-controlled number, designed for enterprise-level call-handling is launched, for high-end enterprise-grade telephony. VOIP development continues. World First
2007 UK geographic numbers launched, and available to buy online
2008 Flexible price plans introduced ( BasBase: price plan for light call volumes / ProPro: price plan for moderate call volumes / EntEnterprise: price plan for high call volumes ) giving better value at high call volumes  
GenY (our IP generation network)
Year Development
2006 GenY comissioned, to cement our competitive position by taking advantege of VOIP economics  
2007 Work starts on integrating IP telephony into our network infrastructure  
DML builds bridges with partner carriers  
2008 GenY made available to customers, who can now take advantage of VOIP trunking  
GenU (our "Universal Switch" network)
Year Development
2012 GenU ‘Universal Switch’ technology combines VoIP and PSTN telephony  
2012 dmSwitchboard12, based on the GenU platform, puts the power of switchboards within reach of SME customers, and includes an extremely flexible web-based ‘switchboard designer’, allowing fine-grained control over call-routing World First
2012 All GenU call destinations feature called CLI delivery, as well as enhanced call information to PSTN World First
2014 dmAnswers14, a configurable ‘front desk’ and ‘message desk’ answering and message-taking service, can be added to all GenU products  
2014 dmConsole, the web and smartphone based control for dmAnswers14, allows customers to change their call answering preferences at any time, even while on the move  
2014 Visual Voicemail delivers voicemail message notifications by email and SMS, with links to web-based streaming audio World First

Making life easier with 'high convenience' services

Our technologies provide extra convenience for customers, making it simple to view usage logs, read messages, check account details and pay bills. Please contact us if you want to know more about our network.

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