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Terms & conditions

Management summary

1) The relationship between you (the dealer or reseller) and Digital Mail Ltd (DML) is governed by UK law.

2) DML have guidelines for dealers, covering dealer conduct and commission payment, available for download inthe dealer control panel. Please read these guidelines carefully.

3) DML expect dealers to behave professionally, honestly, ethically and transparently. We will endeavour to do the same.

4) If we suspect unprofessional conduct we will make you aware of our misgivings. We reserve the right to terminate the relationship in cases of gross misconduct, or if repeated warnings are ignored.

Full details

For full details become a dealer, and review the terms and conditions and guidelines on the dealer admin site.

Alternatively, contact dmClub or call us on 020 7060 2000 if you have any questions at this stage.

Typical First Invoice
Debugging Controls

Control the display of private debugging information, as well as the transmission of data to Google for use by Google Analytics, and to our TST (total sales tracking) servers.

Show dmABS Debugging
Show dmABS Panel Debugging
Enable EComponent Debugging (also controls XComponent debugging)
Show XComponent Debugging - Level
Show TST Debugging
Tag TST hits with this debugging code:
Supress Google Analytics for tester IP ranges (defined in /dmx/dmx_options.php)
Supress Google Analytics from this browser