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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?
Signup is free, and only takes a minute. Once you've signed up you can be selling in less than 20 minutes.

How much can I make?
If you sell 12 numbers per month, for 24 months, you will earn:

  • £16,737 as a (free) classic dealer
  • £26,979 as a (paid for) pro dealer

What type of support is available for dealers?
Good instructions... downloads... websites... white papers... tech support... friendly telephone support... We see ourselves as working in partnership with our dealers and will support you at every step.

How do I know that you will pay my commission?
We take this very seriously. Partnership with good dealers is good for the company...

Do I have to pay for my dealership?
Classic dealership is free. All our dealers have access to a wide range of tools to enable them to maximise their sales. If you start doing a high volume of business and want to claim a higher rate of commission, you can upgrade your dealership, for an annual fee.

How are you doing in these hard economic times?
Fine, thank you! As there is a strong residual income in our business, and we have a good reputation for no-nonsense finance, we have not suffered as many other businesses have. While some companies have had to cut back, we have recruited additional staff in development and other functions. We are an established company with a good track record, no debt, and conservative financing. We don't sell loss-making products.

What products are you going to release next?
There is a road map in the dealer admin portal that will tell you more about what's on the horizon. We do not announce or release products publicly until we have developed them, tested them, and used them operationally in house to our satisfaction.

Have another question?

If you have a question which we haven't answered here, why not just give it a try. Becoming a classic dealer is free, with no long-term costs or commitment.

Alternatively, contact us on 020 7060 2000. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Typical First Invoice
Debugging Controls

Control the display of private debugging information, as well as the transmission of data to Google for use by Google Analytics, and to our TST (total sales tracking) servers.

Show dmABS Debugging
Show dmABS Panel Debugging
Enable EComponent Debugging (also controls XComponent debugging)
Show XComponent Debugging - Level
Show TST Debugging
Tag TST hits with this debugging code:
Supress Google Analytics for tester IP ranges (defined in /dmx/dmx_options.php)
Supress Google Analytics from this browser